What The Romans Did For Us, 2nd Edition

By Philip Wilkinson
Boxtree / Macmillan
June 2002
ISBN: 0-7522-6172-X
160 p. Illus.
$23.50 paper original

Adam Hart-Davis unravels the mysteries of Roman innovations and assesses their impact on British lives today. "What The Romans Did For Us" was originally a 6 x 30 BBC2 documentary fronted by Adam Hart-Davis. From bras to bridges; taxis to table forks; concrete to condoms, the Romans brought inventions and innovations that changed the British landscape and lifestyles for ever. They were the first mass producers and the first capitalists, who during their 400-year stay in Britain built over 30 towns, leaving a fascinating and complex technological legacy. Using reconstruction, experiments and demonstrations, the devices the Romans brought to Britain are recreated. The book accompanies the series with an in-depth illustrated history of the Roman occupation, how each technological invention was utilized by the Romans and how they compare to our own technological advances today.

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