Social Democracy & the Working Class
in 19th & 20th Century Germany

Themes in Modern German History

By Stefan Berger
August 2000
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582298156
280 pages, Maps, 5 5/8 x 8 3/4"
$113.00 hardcover

Some of the contents are: Labor and working class history. The SPD. GDR and FRG historiography. Demise of Communism. Liberal capitalism. Origins of social democratic identity. Working class women. Attempts to organize workers. The crisis of the German Lib-Labism in the 1860s. Trade unionism. Industrialization. Eigen-Sinn, Christianity and ethnicity. Anti-socialist law. Revolution of 1918-1919. Communists & Social Democrats. Anarcho-Syndicalism. Catholic Labor Movement. Fordism. Rise of Nazism. Resistance to National Socialism. Exile Politics. After 1945. The Party of Democratic Socialism. The german Left. The Grand Coaliation 1966-1969. Social Liberal Coalistion 1969-1982. The SPD, Middle Classes and organized religion. The Green Party. Challenges of Neo-Liberalism. 1998--Towards a Resistance to Social Democracy? The Nation State. The German Labor Movement in the context of Western Europe. The woman question.. Bibliography. Maps.

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