Longman Handbook of
Modern American History: 1763-1996

By Chris Cook & David Waller
July 1998
Longman (Pearson Education)
ISBN: 058208489X
466 pages, Maps
$53.50 hardcover

The book covers the following. One: Political History. The making of the constitution. The executive. The legislature. The judicature. Political parties. Elections. Two: Social & Religious History. Public health & social welfare. Education. Slavery & abolition. Black American history. American Indians. Women's movement. Religion. temperance & Prohibition. Protest and public order.Pacificism and the anti-war movement. Environment. Gay and lesbian movement. Three: Economic History. Population. Immigration. Government income and expenditure. Prices and inflation. Banking and finance. Labor movement. Employment and unemployment. Industry and trade. Agriculture. Transport. Four: Foreign Affairs and Defense. Secretaries of State. Rise of American diplomacy. Chronology of major foreign treaties. Overseas expansion. Leagure of Nations. Birth of the United Nations. Warfare and the armed services. Five: Bibliographies. Six: Glossary of terms. Seven: Bibliography. Appendices: US Constitution.
Bill of Rights. Maps. Index.

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