French Legal System, 2nd edition
[In English]

By Catherine Elliott, et al
October 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 1405811617
376 pages
$87.50 Paper Original

French Legal System provides a topical and highly readable introduction in English to the French legal system, covering all of the key aspects in an accessible manner. The book explains the sources of French law, the structure of the courts and professions, and the characteristics of the legal process. It provides an essential foundation for the study of more specific and substantive areas of French law.


Table of cases
Table of statutes
Table of European and international legislation
Table of codes

1 Historical development of French law
2 The institutional framework under the Constitution
3 Written sources of law
4 Unwritten sources of law
5 The civil and criminal court system
6 The administrative courts
7 Miscellaneous courts
8 Judgments
9 Civil procedure
10 Criminal procedure
11 Administrative procedure
12 The legal profession
13 Academic and professional legal studies
14 Practical guidance on studying law

Appendix 1: The relationship between English legal language and French
Appendix 2: The French Constitution of 1958
Select bibliography


• Covers the core areas taught at the beginning of courses on French law, therefore giving students a good grounding in the essentials prior to further study.
• Brings the key issues to life by including material from the political arena showing how the system works in practice.
• Includes chapters on academic and professional law studies in France, and practical illustrations of how to structure essays and exercises for French university requirements, invaluable for students on Erasmus or exchange programs.

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