Longman Companion
to Germany Since 1945

By Adrian Webb
Nov 1998
Who Works International Ltd.
ISBN: 0582307376
352 pages
$57.50 Paper original

This new Companion provides a wealth of information on the history of Germany since the Second World War including much material which is not readily available. Throughout, equal attention is devoted to East and West Germany and covers political, social, cultural, and economic developments.

The author provides information on, for example, political parties and office-holders; living standards, crime and the environment; Germany's relationship with the European Union; and East Germany up to 1990. Attention is also devoted to topical issues such as opposition and dissent in the East, terrorism, neo-Nazism and racial violence. An essential reference book for anyone studying, or teaching, postwar Germany in history or politics departments.

Section I: Historical Chronology.
Section II: Government.
Section III: Germany's Foreign Policy.
Section IV: Germany and the EU.
Section V: Berlin.
Section VI: Germany as a Federal State.
Section VII: The Economy.
Section VIII: Human Statistics for East, West and United Germany.
Section IX: Social Statistics for East, West and United Germany.
Section X: Culture and the Media.
Section XI: Biographies.
Section XII: Glossary.
Section XIII: Bibliographical Essay.

" Opens with a chronology of developments from Allied occupation, the development of East and West Germany, to unification and the Germany of today.
" Topics covered include: the workings of German government; Germany's foreign relations - inter-German relations as well as the separate foreign policies of the two Germanys; Germany and the EU; the economy; and social issues such as immigration, living standards, education, and the environment; and culture and the media.
" An essential reference tool for teachers and students of postwar German history and politics, international relations or European studies.

"Altogether a most useful reference book and a model of clarity and organization. A positive gold-mine of information."
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