Chemistry Calculations Explained

By Aleyamma Ninan
Studymates: In-Focus
December 2005
Studymates Limited
ISBN: 1842850725
171 pages, Illustrated, 5 ¼” x 8 ½”
$29.50 Paper Original

Not being able to calculate in chemistry is like not being able to spell. This book helps you to develop the skills to tackle the different types of calculation needed at A-level chemistry and first-year degree level. To be successful in chemistry, the student needs to calculate from theoretical situations and from practical experiments.

This is where this book will help you master these important skills. Using the Studymates building block method, whereby topics are tackled in bite-sized chunks, Dr Ninan explains the various aspects of the calculation. These range from percentage yield and purity to Avogadro's constant: reactions in solids to structure determination.

There are tutorials at the end of each chapter with practice questions, discussion points, practical assignments and study and revision tips to help you learn efficiently. This guide also includes a glossary, a guide to websites for chemists and a detailed index. the mole concept and Stoichiometry; gases: pressure, volume and temperature; relationships; enthalpy changes; equilibrium; rates of reactions, oxidation-reduction

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