EU Law, 2nd UK ed.

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By: Jessica Guth &Tim Connor
December 2013
Pearson Education
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ISBN: 9780273784180
260 Pages
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Law Express Question and Answer: EU Law is designed to ensure you get the most marks for every answer you write by improving your understanding of what examiners are looking for, helping you to focus in on the question being asked and showing you how to make even a strong answer stand out.



What you need to do for every question in EU Law

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Table of cases and statutes

Chapter 1: The Origins and Institutions of the EU

Chapter 2: The Lisbon Treaty: A long road to an EU Constitution?

Chapter 3: Sources of EU Law

Chapter 4: Article 234: Preliminary rulings

Chapter 5: Enforcing EU law in national courts: Direct effect, indirect effect and State liability

Chapter 6: Enforcement Actions against Member States

Chapter 7: Direct Actions before the European Court of Justice

Chapter 8: The Customs Union and Internal Taxation

Chapter 9: Free Movement of Goods

Chapter 10: Free Movement of Workers

Chapter 11: Freedom of Establishment and to Provide Services

Chapter 12: The Social Dimension and EU Citizenship

Chapter 13: EU Anti-Discrimination Law

Chapter 14: EU Law and Human Rights

Chapter 15: EU Competition Law