Teaching Secondary Chemistry, New Edition

Edited by Keith Taber
August 2012
Hodder Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444124323
384 pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paper Original

This book will provide invaluable support whether you are a newly-qualified science teacher, an experience teacher of chemistry who wants to extend the range of strategies and approached used, a biologist or physicist who has to teach chemistry, or a student training to be a teacher. Each chapter covers a broad section of the curriculum and is divided into topics. For each topic the book covers:

  • The pupil's possible Previous knowledge
  • A suggested Teaching sequence with activities necessary to cover the basic physics
  • Warnings about pupils' misconceptions, common problems with individual activities and safety issues
  • Further activities that develop the pupils' understanding of the topic
  • Enhancement ideas that relate the science to everyday contexts and provide new ideas for experienced teachers
  • Suggestions for using ICT

    TThis second edition reflects the requirements of current secondary science curricula, ideas from recent curriculum development projects and innovations in IT.

    This book draws on the experience of a wide range of teachers and those involved in science education. It has been produced as part of the Association for Science Education's commitment to supporting science teacher by disseminating best practice and new ideas to enhance teaching.

  • Table of Contents: 
    1 Key concepts in chemistry
    2 Introducing particle theory
    3 Introducing chemical change
    4 Developing models of chemical bonding
    5 Extent, rates and energetics of chemical change
    6 Acids and alkalis
    7 Combustion and redox reactions
    8 Electrolysis, electrolytes and galvanic cells
    9 Inorganic chemical analysis
    10 Organic chemistry and the chemistry of natural products
    11 Earth science
    12 Chemistry in the secondary curriculum



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