Getting It Right
Economics & the Security of Support

By Patrick Spread
August 2004
Book Guild
ISBN: 1857768604
228 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$47.50 Hardcover


The author introduces a radically new theory of the functioning society, based on his own experience and observations as a working economist. Firmly refuting the established economic model, the author argues that needs and interest are dictated by situation, choice being confined to what is relevant to situation.

Economic exchange takes place in bargaining sets constrained by situation, rather than the universal markets of economic theory. He maintains that our first concern is security, and that security lies in the support of others. We feel physically secure when we have support from people around us; we feel intellectually secure when those around us concur with our opinions. We adjust our opinions and actions to gain support.

Communal interst is thus defined and advanced through a process of 'support-bargaining.' The author unites economic processes and politics in a realistic theory that can be used with confidence for the improvement of society. It represents a revolution in economic and social thinking. The social science of the 21st century begins with Getting it Right.

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