Speak for Youself: Talk to Impress, Influence
& Make an Impact

By: Harry Key
March 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273785385
171 Pages
$27.50 Paper original


If you think that talking is easy, think again!

Why? Because, whether at a meeting at work or a dinner party at home, what you’re saying and how you’re saying it matters. It can open doors - or close them; it can make you friends - or lose them; it can get you noticed - or forgotten.

Wish you were a raconteur? Or a brilliant public speaker? Maybe you just want to be more confident, clever, persuasive or provocative in everyday conversations. Whatever you want, with some simple, fun and effective techniques Speak for Yourself will help you master:

Your voice – make an impact and be heard by changing how you breathe and speak

Your words – grab and hold attention with the power of storytelling and active listening

Your style – get the most from conversations, presentations and meetings

Speak for Yourself is packed with winning ways to help you walk, talk and interact with others while exuding confidence and calm. It’ll get you noticed and leave them wanting more.



Part 1: The Voice

Why your voice matters

Breathe with your belly

Be mindful of your voice

Perfect a Storyteller’s Voice

Physical Confidence

Part 2: The Words

Go with the flow

Good speaking is mostly listening

The art of persuasion


Public speaking

Part 3: The Style

Reading your audience

The provocative style

Establish your rules of engagement

Sustaining your momentum