Horse Behavior Explained
Behavioral Science for Riders

By Angelika Schmelzer
October 2003
Cadmos Equestrian
ISBN: 3861279096
80 pages, Illustrated
$29.50 Paper Original


A basic understanding of behavioural science will provide riders and horse owners with an abundance of valuable information with which to design an optimal living environment for their horses.

The underlying premise is that when a horse’s living conditions reflect its natural needs – when it is permitted to be itself – not only are its well-being, health and performance enhanced, but it is less likely to develop any vices.

In this book the author introduces the reader to behavioural science in an understandable and stimulating way, combining horse-specific behaviour with practical stable management.

* What is a "typical horse”?
* How do horses want to be kept, fed, and exercised?
* How do horses treat each other?
*How do vices develop?

This book is a must for all horse lovers who want further insight into the true nature of their four-legged friends.

Angelika Schmelzer is a journalist specialising in equine topics and the author of several other horse books.

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