Nation of Immigrants?

By John D. Clare
May 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340957721
48 pages, Illustrated
$48.50 Paper Original

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A nation of immigrants
This book asks students to explore the impact of immigration on Britain.

It starts by asking students to consider whether the topic of immigration is controversial in itself before looking at a history of immigration and settlers who came to Britain before the twentieth century. It then goes on to look at early twentieth century immigration and how the Aliens Act of 1919 had an impact on the level of immigration in the inter-war years. The rest of the focus of the book is the history of immigration after the Second World War, in particular:
- the arrival of West Indian immigrants in the 1950s and 1960s and some of the tensions surrounding this
- the experience of immigrants in the latter part of the century
- the impact immigration has had on British society.
The book finishes by asking the students to think about and debate whether immigration should be stopped or not.

Table of Contents:
Starter: Setting the question
First thoughts: A controversial topic
Chapter One: Mongrels or magpies?
Interpretations: Analogies for immigration
Knowledge: Immigration 10,000BC – AD1066
Interpretations: Mongrels or magpies?
Interpretations: Pre-historic foreign influences
Chapter Two: Settlers from other lands
Knowledge: Immigration into Britain 1066 - 1900
Chapter Three: The Windrush Century
Knowledge: Twentieth-century immigration
Causation: The South Shields riot of 1930
Knowledge: Windrush
Evidence: Why 492 West Indians came to Britain
Research: Coming to Britain
Chapter Four: The immigrant experience
Knowledge: Immigration 1950-2000
Using evidence: Assimilation and its problems
Interpretations: Race on the television
Chapter Five: A political controversy
Using evidence: Is immigration a problem?
Knowledge: What have the immigrants ever done for us?
Reflection: What is 'Britishness'?
Plenary: Taking Sides
Debate: Should immigration be stopped?
Understanding: How significant has immigration been?

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