Social Psychology: Traditional & Critical Perspectives

By Paul Dickerson
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9781405873932
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
468 pages, Illustrated
$69.50 Paper Original

Social Psychology: Traditional and Critical Perspectives addresses the key issues in social psychology – such as prejudice, aggression, conformity, persuasion, attraction, relationships and prosocial behaviour – in a bold and innovative way. 

As well as providing detailed coverage of classic and contemporary ‘mainstream’ research, this book engages with ‘critical’ literature – bringing to the textbook the sort of debates that can be found in social psychology conferences, journals and specialist texts. In addition, the book goes beyond simply describing research findings – it critically evaluates the research it covers, supporting your own critical engagement with the literature.



1. Introduction
2. Self and Identity
3. Attraction and Relationships
4. Attribution
5. Explanatory Talk
6. Attitude change and Persuasion
7. Stereotypes and Prejudice
8. Pro-social Behaviour
9. Aggression and Intergroup Conflict
10. Social Influence and Intragroup Processes
11. Communication and Interaction


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