Second World War
Hodder 20th Century History

By Neil DeMarco
October 2004
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340814215
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
64 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper original

This second edition has been updated to reflect the demands of the Modern World History GCSE specifications. Combining lively narrative with an excellent range of written and visual sources, the book also contains features that aid students in their understanding of the topic and development of study skills.

Table of Contents:
1 Appeasement
2 An Overview of the War
3 Blitzkrieg
4 German Advances, 1939-40
5 Dunkirk and the BEF – 1940
6 The Battle of Britain
7 The Battle of the Atlantic
8 Operation Barbarossa

10 The Bombing of Germany
11 D-Day and the Defeat of Germany
12 Why was Germany Defeated?
13 The War in the Pacific
14 The Defeat of Japan
15 American Victory
16 Propaganda, Censorship and Internment
17 The Blitz
18 Civilian Morale
19 Evacuation

21 Women in the Workforce
22 Women in the Armed Forces
23 Women and the War: Overview
24 The Impact of the War on Britain
25 Source Evaluation Techniques




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