Ethics in Clinical Practice
An Inter-Professional Approach in Health Care

Edited by Georgina Hawley
September 2007
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publication
ISBN: 9780132018272
432 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
$55.00 paper original

An easy to understand text, which at the same time reflects contemporary health care practice, emphasizing inter-professional care and cultural sensitivity to clients or patients. 

Discussing common ethical problems in all aspects of interdisciplinary clinical practice and presents both sides of any ethical issue.

Case studies throughout make ethical issues applied and relevant to your clinical practice, so that you can understand how you can apply ethics in everyday situations including Primary Care, Mental Health, Complex Care

The book is packed with activities and pointers on professional development, and contains advice on keeping a reflective journal.


Chapter 1      Start at ‘Go’ /Introduction
Chapter 2     Learning to understand ethical issues and problems
Chapter 3.   Where did you get your values and beliefs? 
Chapter 4.    Being part of a team: Interdisciplinary care. 
Chapter 5.    he relationship of ethics to the Western Tradition  of philosophy
Chapter 6.    Eastern philosophy, ethics, religions, and care
Chapter 7.    Client and patients’ rights and vulnerable people E
Chapter 8.    Ideas for decision-making when ethical problems are involved
Chapter 9.    Who gets what? The allocation of resources
Chapter 10. ‘Why do they make me suffer?’ The ethical problems of pain and resuscitation
Chapter 11.  How to do ethical health research
Chapter 12. Feminine and Masculine Sexuality
Chapter 13. The experiences of illness and loss
Chapter 14. Ethical problems in Primary Health Care
Chapter 15. Ethical problems in Mental Health and Psychiatric care
Chapter 16. Complex Care: Emergency Department, Perioperative Suite, and ICU and CCU units
Chapter 17. It isn’t easy, but it is essential! /Conclusion  


The book is compatible with the latest versions of SPSS – a commonly used statistical package among nurses and other health professionals. It is accompanied by a website where the student can practice the exercises in the book with data relevant to the adult, child, mental health and learning disability branches of nursing online


Georgina Hawley is Principal Lecturer at the school of Health and Social Care, Oxford Brookes University.  She has taught ethics for more than 15 years in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

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