Making Sense of Maths: Workbook. Fair Shares

By Paul Dickinson, et al.
June 2012
Hodder Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444169119
46 Pages, Illustrated
$10.95 Paper original

Making Sense of Maths is the only series that develops conceptual understanding.

This series will motivate, engage and develop the conceptual understanding of students at KS3 and KS4.

Students build their own problem solving strategies based on their understanding of the world around them which then support them to tackle functional questions.

The write-in workbook provides students with an opportunity to consolidate and apply techniques they have learnt from the student book activities that build mathematical understanding from within real world contexts. Answers to the exercises are provided in the teacher book.

Making Sense of Maths has been based on Realistic Maths Education (RME) and extensively trialled in KS3 and KS4 classrooms in the UK by a team from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Table of Contents: 
Chapter 1: Fractions
Work experience
Water bottles
Pablo's pizzas
Pizza Fractions
Chapter 2: Percentages
Demi's downloads
In the sale 1 (percentage bars)
In the sale 2 (percentage bars)
In the sale 3 (ratio tables)
Getting better (percentage bars)
Getting better (ratio tables)
Chapter 3: Ratio
Necklace patterns
Designing necklaces
How many beads are needed?
Unthreaded necklaces
Made for sharing
Using the bar model for ratio problems
Chapter 4: Multiplication and division
Cutting the pizza
Understanding division
GCSE exam-style questions




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