Geneva Explorer
Residents' & Visitors' Guide

Edited By Claire England & Jane Roberts
June 2005
Explorer Publishing
ISBN: 976818244X
320 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 8 ¼"
$34.95 Paper Original


Life in Geneva… sorted! This know-it-all book is your personal guide to living in the world's most beautiful city. You hold in your hands the antidote to bureaucracy blues, map mix-ups, housing headaches and transport troubles.

It's the liveliest, funkiest, easiest way to navigate your way out of any pickle, whether you're a visitor, an old time resident or a fresh faced rookie trying to make head or tail of life in Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France.

We've also crammed in loads of up to the minute advice on where to eat, sleep, shop and socialize. No more dreary day dilemmas or lonely night plights for you - just buy this book, get in gear and grab a life! This guide contains hundreds of color photographs.

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