The River

By Rumer Godden
September 2004
Pan Books
ISBN: 0330489992
124 pages, 5 x 7 3/4"
$16.95 Paper Original

'You can't stop days or rivers . . . '

Harriet is between two worlds. Her sister is no longer a playmate, her brother is still a child. The comforting rhythm of her Indian childhood - the noise of the jute works, the colourful festivals that accompany each season and the eternal ebb and flow of the river on its journey to the Bay of Benghal - is about to be shattered. She must learn how to reconcile the jagged edges of beginnings and ends . . .

The River is Rumer Godden's beautiful tribute to India and childhood, made into a film by Jean Renoir. And in a preface for this novel she explains how the classic tale came to be written.

'So intense, so quietly demanding of attention, that at the time there will be nothing in your thoughts but a small girl in India, and the people and places that were her world' Saturday Review

'Compassionate wisdom and serence understanding . . . with each book she writes Miss Godden's position as one of the finest of English novelists becomes more secure' Orville Prescott

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