Where Seagulls Dare to Fly

By Makhan Singh
December 2000
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1857764927
97 pages
$22.95 paper original


"This book, captured the essence of one thing for me...unconditionality. I have learnt that I am a worth while human being...that the answers I search for are right here in my back garden. I read this book whilst trekking around India and Nepal. It was like a syncronised experience. . . . Humble...and extremely deep...the simplicity of this book may be overlooked by those not connected and attuned to the real meaning of spirit. As I learnt; this book requires reflecting on with the heart, and not just reading with the intellectual mind." -- from's customer reviews

This is the story of a train ride that Mak makes every year to visit his eccentric philosopher piano teacher, Ethel Tully. Looking around his train compartment, Mak sees a young woman in her twenties with a small child, a sleeping missionary, an older gentleman reading the railway timetable and a wealthy, glamorous lady in her fifties wearing a fur coat. They are to be his companions on the journey of a lifetime. By drawing on the insightful "dudelings" of Ethel, we are invited on a philosophical and humorous ride, which reveals learnings about being true to our sense of self. To live a life that befits our own unique sense of being. To be free. To go where seagulls dare to fly.

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