Meals Without Tears
How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthily & Happily

By Rana Conway
September 2007
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273712688
224 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
$33.50 Paper

Sometimes in our family lives we come across particular problems that we struggle to overcome. This new series of books from Prentice Hall Life will help parents find solutions to specific, yet common, parenting problems.

Stress-free Parenting: Meals without Tears
is quick and easy to use, giving fast advice to stressed out parents. Dealing with just one issue means that help is focused and parents can easily access the guidance and techniques they need.

The book will also help parents to identify, understand and alleviate their own stresses around eating and mealtimes and help them to recognize the flashpoints and triggers for problems.


The aim of the series to enable parents to remove stress from parenting: to help them resolve problems quickly with straightforward solutions that can be used time and time again.
Chapter 1
(What to Know) What is normal for different ages
Aim: to reassure parents, to help them consider their expectations of their children and themselves.
Should parents think about what their own children are doing so they can judge where they are?
Chapter 2: Help, My child has turned into someone else
(What to expect) How might your child behave at different times.
In behaviour: tantrums, defiance, hitting other children or snatching
(What to do) How best to resolve the problems - what are the core principles for resolving issues?
Chapters 3-6

(What to know and expect) Other issues: How can they arise and play out?
What can happen? - in terms of spirals of behaviour reinforced
(What to do) What can parents do to resolve the behaviour?
Chapter 7
What are the key qualities/skills to make family life more enjoyable?
Realistic expectations
Being positive
Engaging with your child
Having times and routines that you and your children can enjoy together
Chapter 8
What about you?
Other factors for parents to bear in mind that may be causing them stress.
Timeline: how soon can a parent expect to see a change for themselves and their children
Advice for the parent if they hit a setback 

Summary of the top 5 things a parent can do to manage their stress and enjoy mealtimes.

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