Images 28
Images Series

Edited By The Association of Illustrators
December 2004
The Association of Illustrators
ISBN: 0951544861
272 pages, Illustrated, 9 " x 12 "
$99.50 Hardcover

The images series is the only annual of its kind. What will be found between its covers has been judged to be the very best illustration produced last year. It's not just any old illustrator that makes it in here. The judges make sure of that. So if you commission illustration, this is the source book to have - for this year, at least.

And if you are an illustrator who has made it into the annual - well done. For those who didn't, you really must make sure you do next year. Contents include: About the AOI, Foreword, Introduction, Judges, About the Illustrations, Advertising, Design and new media, Editorial, Children's books, Books, Student, Unpublished, AOI Membership, Index.

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