OCR Electronics for AS

By Michael Brimicombe
September 2008
Hodder Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340966358
170 pages, Illustrated
$59.50 Paper Original
Ages 17-19

Part of the OCR-Hodder Education Publishing Partnership and written for the 2008 specifications, this text contains everything students need to know for AS Electronics. The text is written in a clear and engaging fashion and offers numerous opportunities for students to practise and test their knowledge with worked examples and sample questions and a free supporting website offers extra activities, questions, problems and material for practical tasks. The supporting website also offers guidance for teachers.

Table of Contents:
1 Simple Digital Systems
1.1 Digital inputs
1.2 Combining signals
1.3 Switching outputs
1.4 System diagrams
2 Digital from Analogue
2.1 Resistive sensors
2.2 Op-amps and diodes
2.3 Delaying signals
3. Digital Pulses
3.1 Single spikes
3.2 Oscillators
4 Logic systems
4.1 Truth tables
4.2 Boolean algebra
4.3 Only NAND gates
5 Storing signals
5.1 Bistables
5.2 Latches
5.3 Flip-flops
Negative Feedback
6.1 Amplifiers
6.2 Voltage followers
6.3 Known gain
6.4 Summing signals
7 Counting pulses
7.1 Binary counters
7.2 Clocks
7.3 Continuous sequencers
7.4 One-shot sequencers
8. Amplifying Audio
8.1 Audio systems
8.2 Filters
9 Microcontrollers
9.1 Programmable systems
9.2 Hardware
9.3 Software

About the Author(s):
Michael Brimicombe is a very experienced author and is the Chief Examiner for a leading awarding body.

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