Woman's Survival
From Zimbabwe to England

By Dionne Trewin
January 2002
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-615-6
98 pages
$30.95 hardcover

This is the autobiography of a Zimbabwean woman who has lived through exceptional change, both in the history of her country and in her personal life. Forthright and outspoken, Dionne Trewin records the astonishing ups and downs of her several careers, including the many humiliations and brutalities meted out to her as a black African in Ian Smith's Rhodesia. However, the overall message is one of hope and even joy. Quite unexpectedly, Dionne met the man she describes as her "soulmate" and her life since that moment has been a case of "living happily ever after." This unusual autobiography demonstrates how a single life can encompass many different kinds of existence. It will be of interest to readers who have followed the struggles of independence in Africa, particularly the ongoing turmoil within Zimbabwe. A Woman's Survival will also be an inspiration to all divorced or single women who feel that life has run its course and there is little more in store for them--Dionne Trewin's life is proof to the contrary.

About the author:
Born in Rodhesia into a strict Salvation Army family, Dionne Trewin married young to an ambitious and career-minded zoologist, whom she followed to Delhi University and then to his first government post in Zambia. As her marriage deteriorated, she sought a career of her own, and with three small sons to look after, trained as a nurse in England. On returning to the land of her birth, she worked in Zimbabwean television and radio, as well as the Harare police. After her sons grew up, she moved back to England to continue her nursing. She now lives in Hove, Sussex and is happily married to her second husband.

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