Preface to D. H. Lawrence

By Gamini Salgado
Aug 2000
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582437660
192 pages
$52.50 Paper original

D. H. Lawrence, criticized, censored and dismissed in his lifetime, now stands as one of the major imaginative novelists of the early twentieth-century.

Clear, vivid and convincing, Gamini Salgado's introduction to the life and works of D H Lawrence, sets the writer firmly in the context of his times and:

* outlines his life and intellectual background, and their effect on his writing
* looks in detail at many of Lawrence's works, including Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, his shorter fiction, poetry and plays
* examines Lawrence as a literary critic
* covers important people and places in Lawrence's life and their effect on him

Gamini Salgado was formerly Professor of English at Exeter University. His works include a book on Sons and Lovers (Arnold), an anthology of criticism of it (Macmillan) and a number of studies of drama and prose literature.

'Longman Preface books are intended to give "modern and authoritative guidance" on the lives and works of the major writers ... Gamini Salgado's A Preface to Lawrence does just that.'
Times Educational Supplement.

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