Spain's Civil War
2nd edition

By Harry Browne
Sep 1996
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582289882
160 pages
$36.50 Paper original

This study offers a succinct analysis of a critical period in Spain's history. It assesses the causes and course of the Civil War and covers Franco's New Spain. For the Second Edition there is a fuller examination of the politics of the Second Republic and the regional and social bases of Spain's political parties. There is also a more detailed account of the military conduct of the war and of the extent of international involvement.

Part One : The Background
1. Introduction.
2. The Second Republic 1931-36.

Part Two The Civil War
3. The Military Rising.
4. The Internationalization of the War.
5. The Republic or the Revolution?
6. The Use of Terror.
7. A New Beginning - Or Old Style Military Autocracy?
8. The Military Campaigns.
9. International Aid.
10. The Republic Under Negrin.

Part Three: Assessment
11. Retrospect.
12. The Legacy of the Civil War.

Part Four: Documents

* clearly organized into three main parts: the first part looks at the Second Republic of 1931-36 and the causes of the Civil War; part two deals with the course of the war itself and part three, considers the legacy of the Civil War
* assesses the reasons for Franco's success
* contains a wide selection of documents illustrating the social, economic and political developments during the period
* includes an expanded glossary and a useful guide to the key political personalities of the period.

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