European Equity Investor
Markets, Companies, Culture

By Jonathan Eley
May 2002
Pearson Education
ISBN: 1903684307
240 pages
$87.50 Hardback

The last few decades have seen a steady increase in the value of equities but the recent economic downturn and the dotcom crash put the brakes on the most sustained bull run ever. This downturn does not spell the end of the fledgling European equity market though. A number of factors contribute to the potential for hugely increased activity in European equities once investor confidence returns. Perhaps the most dramatic of these is the advent of the Euro, which promises to render national market boundaries irrelevant and see the growth of the new pan-European markets. In addition, creaking state pension schemes are likely to prove inadequate and equities are widely tipped as the key asset class in generating retirement income.

European Equity Investor is the first broadly-sourced introduction to the idea of pan-European equity markets and its future development, including how stocks are traded on European markets, an overview of the key companies, the pitfalls of buying and selling in Europe, the forces driving the increasing development of equity culture. It doesn't just tell you how to buy and sell shares - it tells you why you should be interested in looking beyond geographic borders. European Equity Investor is an enlightening guide to the pan-European stock market, telling readers why investors will increasingly have to look beyond domestic borders and equipping you to trade equities across international boundaries.

Contents 1. Introduction 2. United Kingdom 3. Germany 4. France 5. Benelux 6. Switzerland 7. Scandinavia 8. Italy, Spain and Portugal 9. Pan-European Investing 10. Conclusion - a Steep Learning Curve 11. Bibliography 12. Glossary of Terms

Features " Trading European stocks is getting easier and cheaper all the time. " The number of investors is growing, and these people need a guide to investing successfully across the European market. " There is a need for a book covering the cultural differences across investment borders.

Huw Jones has written about markets for seven years as a correspondent for Reuters. He covered Wall Street during the bull market in the 1990s, and the development of a pan-European stock market after the launch of the euro in 1999. Educated at Manchester University and the Paris Institute of Political Studies, he worked on local newspapers and journals before joining Reuters in New York in 1995. He lives in London. Jonathan Eley first wrote about equities as a reporter and editor with the AFX News group in the Far East, where he covered the Asian Crisis and its aftermath before moving back to the UK. For the past two years, he has written for the leading investment magazine, Investors Chronicle. He studied modern languages at Aston University, and wrote for trade journals in the UK and US before moving into equity market reporting. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.

Review "A very well written and documented book," Jean-Pierre Paelinck, secretary-general of Euroshareholders Association "An indispensable reference guide for any serious investor". Lee Hodgkinson, Director of Business Development, Virt-X "For investors wanting to look outside their national frontiers for new investments this book will provide key insights into how the European equity investment landscape is evolving. It is a highly readable tour around Europe which provides valuable, practical, detailed information. This book should be read not only by potential investors in Europe, but also by all those interested in the next stage of developing Europe's financial landscape." Ian Harnett, Managing Director, Head of European Equity Strategy, UBS Warburg

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