It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
My Unconventional Life

By Douglas Villiers
July 2013
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN 9781846247897
339 Pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Hardcover

When events in his youth took a dramatic turn, Douglas Villiers decided to grab life with both hands and live it his way. He was young, but he knew what he wanted to do - make money, explore the world and experience every last moment to the max. Villiers was quick to see the potential in the London property market in teh sixties and was soon living the high life, opening the nightclub that brought the world 'discotheque' into common usage, and was embroiled in the evolution of rock and roll.

In the years that followed, his property dealings ran into the millions and the world became his playground. From being marooned in the Texan desert and chased by a shark in the Bahamas, to photographing the Israeli conflict in the 1970s and treasure hunting from his 100 foot yacht in the Caibbean, there is very little that this adventurer hasn't achieved. He has excelled as an author, astounded as a photo-artist and flirted with the elusice film industry (and many beautiful women along the way).

Encountering celebrities, royalty, presidents and gangsters, and making and losing many fortunes, his unique story is one that reminds us that every single second of life is there to be enjoyed.

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