Practical Skills in Chemistry, 2nd edition

By John R. Dean, et al.
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN 9780273731184
569 Pages, Illustrated
$115.00 Paper Original

If you are studying chemistry, or a related course such as forensic chemistry or biochemistry, then this book will be an indispensable companion throughout your entire degree programme. This ‘one-stop’ text will guide you through the wide range of practical, analytical and data handling skills that you will need during your studies. It will also give you a solid grounding in the wider transferable skills such as teamwork and study skills.

Title page and other publisher info


List of boxes


Guided tour

For the Student


List of abbreviations

Study and examination skills

The importance of transferable skills

Managing your time

Working with others

Taking notes from lectures and texts

Learning and revising

Curriculum options, assessments and exams

Preparing your curriculum vitae

Information technology and library resources

Finding and citing published information

Evaluating information

Using on-line resources

Internet resources for chemistry

Using spreadsheets

Word processors, databases and other packages

Communicating information

Organizing a poster display

Giving a spoken presentation

General aspects of scientific writing

Writing essays

Reporting practical and project work

Writing literature surveys and reviews

Fundamental laboratory techniques

Your approach to practical work

Health and safety

Working with liquids

Basic laboratory procedures I

Basic laboratory procedures II

Principles of solution chemistry

pH and buffer solutions

The investigative approach

Making and recording measurements

SI units and their use

Scientific method and design of experiments

Project work

Laboratory Techniques

Melting points


Solvent extraction




Inert atmosphere techniques

Combinatorial chemistry

Classical Techniques

Qualitative techniques for inorganic analysis


Procedures in volumetric analysis

Acid-Base titrations

Complexometric titrations

Redox titrations

Precipitation titrations

Analytical quantitative techniques

Fundamental principles of quantitative chemical analysis

Calibration and quantitative analysis

Basic spectroscopy

Atomic spectroscopy

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Chromatography – basic principles

Gas and liquid chromatography*


Electroanalytical techniques

Radioactive isotopes and their uses

Analytical structural techniques

Infrared spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry

Mass spectrometry

Thermal analysis

Analysis and presentation of data

Using graphs

Presenting data in tables

Hints for solving numerical problems

Descriptive statistics

Choosing and using statistical tests

Drawing chemical structures


Computational chemistry

Answers to problems


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