ECDL Advanced Expert
The Complete Coursebook for ECDL Advanced Modules AM3-AM6

By Brendan Munnelly & Paul Holden
October 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0131976303
1,168 pages
$127.50 Paper Original


Screen images and illustrations guide the student through the Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access applications...

ECDL Advanced Word Processing

Chapter 1: Finish faster by beginning differently: outlines
Chapter 2: Do once what you used to do every day: styles
Chapter 3: Recycle content and formatting: templates
Chapter 4: Separating content from format: templates and styles
Chapter 5: Here’s one I prepared earlier: AutoText
Chapter 6: Word checks your documents: AutoCorrect
Chapter 7: Word typesets your documents: Autoformat As You Type
Chapter 8: Word updates your documents: fields
Chapter 9: Word does everything: macros
Chapter 10: ‘Are you sure about this?’: comments and document protection
Chapter 11: Displaying, accepting and rejecting revisions: change tracking
Chapter 12: many subdocuments, one document: master documents
Chapter 13: ‘Please complete and return’: Word forms
Chapter 14: Tables: merging, splitting, sorting and totalling
Chapter 15: Spreadsheets in Word
Chapter 16: Charts in Word
Chapter 17: Footnotes and endnotes
Chapter 18: Bookmarks and cross-references
Chapter 19: Tables of contents
Chapter 20: Captions
Chapter 21: Indexes
Chapter 22: Font and paragraph effects
Chapter 23: Text boxes and text orientation
Chapter 24: Graphics in Word
Chapter 25: Many columns, one document
Chapter 26: Many sections, one document
Chapter 27: Mail merge

ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets

Chapter 1: The Introduction
Chapter 2: Using Templates in Excel
Chapter 3: Importing data into a spreadsheet
Chapter 4: Sorting data in a spreadsheet
Chapter 5: Naming cells and adding comments
Chapter 6: Using Paste Special
Chapter7: Summarizing data using PivotTables
Chapter 8: Linking data in spreadsheets
Chapter 9: Formatting your spreadsheets
Chapter 10: Using Excel macros
Chapter 11: Using reference and mathematical functions
Chapter 12: Customizing charts
Chapter13: Using statistical and database functions
Chapter 14: Using financial functions
Chapter 15: Using text and date functions
Chapter16: Using logical functions
Chapter 17: Using data tables and scenarios
Chapter 18: Auditing your spreadsheets
Chapter 19: Sharing and protecting your spreadsheets
In Conclusion

ECDL Advanced Databases

Chapter 1: Database development: overview
Chapter 2: Table design: what table, what fields?
Chapter 3: Table design: data types, field sizes, field formats
Chapter 4: Table design: advanced field properties
Chapter 5: Table design: relationships
Chapter 6: Table design: joins
Chapter 7: Query design: action queries
Chapter 8: Query design: total queries
Chapter 9: Query design: custom calculations
Chapter 10: Query design: refining queries
Chapter 11: Form design: controls
Chapter 12: Form design: calculated controls
Chapter 13: From design: subforms
Chapter 14: Report design
Chapter 15: Macros
Chapter 16: Importing, linking and exporting data
Chapter 17: In conclusion
Appendix A: Expressions
Appendix B: Glossary

ECDL Advanced Presentation

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Information structure
Chapter 3: Design structure
Chapter 4: Flowcharts
Chapter 5: Charts
Chapter 6: Action buttons and hyperlinks
Chapter 7: Custom shows and slide shows
Chapter 8: Transitions
Chapter 9: Animation effects
Chapter 10: Graphic editing and graphic effects
Chapter 11: Linking
Chapter 12: Macros and set-ups

• Written by experienced trainers Paul Holden and Brendan Munnelly, the book offers clear, simple and friendly guidance on the Advanced Modules
• Basic computer terms and concepts explained in plain English
• "How-to" information based on practical examples of everyday tasks
• Short cuts and insider tips drawn from the real-world experience of computer professionals
• Summary of critical information at the end of each section
• Easy-to-follow exercises on accompanying CD

Brendan Munnelly and Paul Holden are experienced IT trainers, consultants, journalists and authors. Based in Dublin, Ireland, they developed user training materials for a range of corporate and government organizations throughout Europe. They also offer frequent contributions to computer publications.

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