Product Design for Key Stage 3

By Andy Biggs, Melanie Fasciato and Tristram Shepard
June 2000
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0-7487-4429-0
144 pages, illustrated
$25.95 paper original
Ages 11-14

This book starts by explaining Product Design, and then offers six units each with a unique design challenge. Unit 1 is concerned with working with wood, and involves designing and making a message pad holder. Unit 2 focuses on structures, electronics, and systems. You will be designing and making a decorative object for a celebration. Unit 3 involves using wood and plastic to design and make a pocket-sized maze game. Unit 4 is about graphics and structures. Here you will be designing and making a menu and other items for a chain of new high street cafes. The focus in Unit 5 is batch production. Can you design and make a flower holder in quantity? Unit 6 is about mechanisms and electronics. It involves designing and making a moving money box for charity.

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