Death of a Nation: A New History of Germany


By: Stephen R A'Barrow
June 2015
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781910298497
739 Pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Hardcover


Death of a Nation is an engrossing, meticulously researched history of Germany from 105 BC to the present day, vividly illustrating the rich and complex past of a nation that is so often defined by the events of World War Two.

The author, Stephen R A'Barrow, spent twenty years researching, travelling and writing to compile this account of the country's varied and fascinating history. As a result, he proves that Germany's past has so much more of interest than simply the twelve years of domination by Hitler and National Socialism.

The book opens with the battles of the Roman Empire in the first century BC; the role of the Holy Roman Empire in the Crusades; German settlement across Central and Eastern Europe and the Thirty Years War. The author goes on to address the militarists stereotype of Prussia; Prussia and Germany's rise to shatter the European balance of power; the causes and consequences of the wars initiated by Germany and how they shaped the modern world.