English Legal System, 16th Edition


By: Catherine Elliott & Frances Quinn
September 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292076737
768 Pages
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Trusted by students year after year, Elliott and Quinn’s best-selling undergraduate textbook, English Legal System, is your definitive guide to this ever-changing area of law.

Updated annually to ensure currency and written in the authors’ trademark clear, precise and engaging style,English Legal System has been developed with you, the student, firmly in mind, providing all you need to gain a broad and thorough understanding of this fast-paced subject.


Guided tour



Table of cases

Table of statutes

Table of statutory materials

Cases, law reports and case references: a guide


Part 1: Sources of law

1. Case law

2. Statute law

3. Statutory interpretation

4. Delegated legislation

5. European law

6. Custom

7. Equity

8. Treaties

9. Law reform

Part 2: People working in the legal system

10. The judges

11. The legal professions

12. The jury

13. Magistrates

14. Administration of justice

Part 3: Human rights

15. Introduction to human rights

16. Remedies of infringement of human rights

Part 4: Dispute resolution

17. Paying for legal services

18. The police

19. The criminal trial process

20. Sentencing

21. Young offenders

22. The civil justice system

23. Tribunals

24. Appeals and judicial review

25. Alternative methods of dispute resolution

Part 5: Concepts of law

26. Law and rules

27. Law and morals

28. Law and justice

Appendix: Answering examination questions


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