Narcissism: Behind the Mask


By: David Thomas
August 2015
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846249358
181 Pages
$21.95 Paper original



Would you fall in love with someone who is arrogant, exhibitionistic, vain, manipulative, and greedy for admiration? Would you work under a boss who flies into uncontrollable rages, assassinates the character of anyone who gets in his way, and then projects his own paranoia on to you? Sounds like a no-brainer...but many of us actually do! That makes us codependents and them power-hungry narcissists.

As they trample over us in their quest for self-aggrandisement and we find ourselves dragged into an unhealthy parasitic relationship with them, our lives can become utterly miserable and feel out of control. This book shines a light on the reasons why narcissists are like they are, and on the pain and suffering they inflict on the codependents around them and, more importantly, it shows how both can move towards winning back control and regaining happiness in their lives.