Contractual Procedures in the Construction Industry, 6th UK edition

By Allan Ashworth
June 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273745600
460 pages
$107.00 Paper Original

Contractual Procedures in the Construction Industryaims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and reinforces the changes that are taking place within the construction industry, such as how it is organised and the way in which consultants, contractors, subcontractors and all of those involved in the supply chain obtain work.

This book, now in its sixth edition, is an indispensible companion for students taking undergraduate courses in Building and Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, and Project Management. It is also suitable for students on HND/C courses in Building and Construction Management as well as foundation degree courses in Building and Construction Management.

New content includes:



Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables

List of Boxes



Table of relevant statutes

Part 1 Contract Law

1. The English Legal System
2. Legal Aspects of Contracts
3. Discharge of Contracts
4. Remedies for Breach of Contract
5. Settlement of Disputes

Part 2 Procurement.

6. Forms of Contract
7. Contract Strategy
8. Contract Procurement
9. Contract Selection
10. Contract Documents
11. Design and Build
12. Procurement in the Twenty-First Century
13. Lean Construction

14. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and the Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Part 3 Process and Parties

15. Partnering and Supply Chain Management

16. The Construction Process.
17. Parties Involved in the Construction of Buildings.
18. Site Communications.

19. Construcing Excellence in the Built Environment

20. Health and Safety

21. Sustainable Construction

Part 4 Standard form of Building Contract

22. Introduction, Articles of Agreement, Appendix
23. Quality of Work During Construction
24. Costs of Construction
25. Time Factor of Construction
26. Works by Other Persons
27. Injury and Insurance of the Works
28. Fluctuations in the Costs
29. Financial Matters
30. Clauses of a General Nature

Appendix A Professional Bodies in the Built Environment

Appendix B Cases of Interest

Appendix C Built Environment Web Sites

Appendix D Bibliography


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