Laptop Basics
Windows 7 Edition

By Joli Ballew
September 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273736806
236 pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Paper original

Top 10 Laptop Tips

1. Change the background

2. Use Flip 3D

3. Turn on and off WiFi

4. Upload digital photos and view a slideshow

5. Join a network

6. Listen to a music CD or watch a DVD

7. Watch, pause and rewind live TV

8. View and reply to an email

9. Change AutoPlay settings

10. Back up data to an external drive

Chapter 1 – Explore your laptop

· Plug in the power cable

· Access and use USB ports

· Locate and use Ethernet ports

· Connect external speakers or headphones

· Locate additional ports

· Locate, insert or remove the battery

· Locate the power button and start Vista

· Activate Windows Vista

· Use the touchpad

· Locate specialised keyboard keys

· Access configurable keyboard keys

· View the Welcome Center

· Watch demonstration videos

· Shut down Windows safely

Chapter 2 – Computing essentials

· Use the Start button

· Open your personal folder

· Close a folder or window

· Minimise a window

· Restore a window

· Maximise a window

· Move a window

· Resize a window

· Change the view in a window

· Use Help and Support

· Open an application

· Search for a program with the Start menu

Chapter 3 – Vista essentials

· View computer details

· Change the screen saver

· Change the background

· Add desktop icons

· Use Flip

· Use Flip 3D

· Enable the Sidebar

· Enable Aero

· Set the time on the clock gadget

· Add or remove a Sidebar gadget

· Close the Sidebar

Chapter 4 – Mobility essentials

· Open the Mobility Center

· Adjust screen brightness

· Change the volume

· View battery life and change battery status

· Turn on and off WiFi

· Connect to an external display

· Turn on Presentation Settings

· View the Sync Center

· Change when the computer sleeps

· Change what happens when you press the power button or close the laptop’s lid

· Train a tablet PC

· Connect to a free hotspot

Chapter 5 – Install hardware

· Install a digital camera or webcam

· Install a printer

· Install other hardware

· Locate a driver

· Download and install a driver

· Use ReadyBoost

· Install software

Chapter 6 – Pictures, music and media

· Upload digital photos

· Open Photo Gallery and view a picture

· Import pictures from a media card

· View a slideshow of pictures

· Auto adjust picture quality

· Open Media Player

· Listen to a song

· Copy music files to a CD

· Copy a CD to your hard drive

· Watch a DVD

· Open Media Center

· Set up Media Center

· Watch, pause and rewind live TV

· Obtain programme information

· View your pictures

· Watch a DVD

· Listen to music

Chapter 7 – Getting online and surfing the Internet

· Select an ISP

· Check for a wireless network card

· Obtain the proper settings

· Create a connection

· Enable network discovery

· Diagnose connection problems

· Join a network

· Open a website in Internet Explorer

· Open a website in a new tab

· Set a home page

· Mark a favourite

· Clear history

· &mail folder

·nbsp; Print an email

· Apply a junk mail filter

· Create a folder

· Move email to a folder

· Delete email in a folder

Chapter 9 – Share data and printers

· Open the Network and Sharing Center

· Turn on file sharing

· Turn on printer sharing

· Share a printer

· Turn on password-protected sharing

· Share a personal folder

Chapter 10 – Change system defaults

· Change AutoPlay settings

· Change the date and time

· Change language settings

· Change folder options

· Change touchpad and mouse settings

Chapter 13 – Stay secure

· Add a new user account

· Require a password

· Configure Windows Update

· Scan for viruses with Windows Defender

· Enable the firewall

· View and resolve Security Center warnings

· Create a basic back–up

Chapter 12 – Travelling with a laptop

· Back up your laptop before you leave

· Clean up your laptop before going on a trip

· Be sure you need your laptop

· Move sensitive data off the laptop

· Pack your laptop

· Prepare for airline travel

· Account for time zone differences

· Change the default language

· Stay safe online

Chapter 13 – Maintain your laptop

· Clean the outside

· Clean the keyboard and monitor

· Apply surge protection

· Back up a folder to an external drive

Chapter 14 – Fix problems

· Enable System Restore

· Use System Restore

· Resolve Internet connectivity problems

· Use Device Driver Rollback

· Reconnect loose cables

· View available hard drive space

· Uninstall unwanted programs

Top 10 Laptop Problems Solved

1. I can’t start my laptop

2. I’m at a free wireless hotspot but I don’t see any network that I can connect to

3. I can’t upload photos from my digital camera

4. I can’t connect to the Internet

5. I’m getting way too much junk email (spam). What can I do?

6. Windows Mail is getting slower and slower. What can I do?

7. My computer doesn’t do what I want it to do when I insert a blank CD, a DVD movie or a music CD

8. The touchpad on my laptop moves the cursor too fast or too slow. How can I change the speed of the touchpad response time?

9. I think I have a virus. How can I find out?

10. I want to be safe while travelling with my laptop, but I’m not sure what I can do

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