Ecology of Aquatic Management

Aquatic Resources, Pollution & Sustainability

By Chris Frid & Mike Dobson
May 2002
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-086610-5
272 pages
$92.50 paper original

Sustainable management of ecosystems is a key issue in ecology and environmental science and aquatic ecosystems are high on international priorities for conservation. Ecology of Aquatic Management provides a comprehensive introduction to the exploitation and management of marine and freshwater systems from an ecological perspective.

This timely book explores current exploitation practices, discusses the underlying scientific principles, and provides case studies and references to enable students to study individual topics in more depth.

Part One covers water itself as a resource, and the ecological impacts of human exploitation of water. Part Two considers aquatic organisms as exploitable components of the environment and discusses sustainability issues in harvesting and farming (or culturing) them. Part Three looks at exploitation of the aquatic environment for waste disposal, mineral extraction and recreation. Finally, Part Four provides a synthesis of the various impacts and considers effective management strategies.

Features: Provides an overview of human interactions with aquatic ecosystems. Has an ecological perspective. Considers aquatic pollution in the context of waste disposal. Includes selected case studies and references. Discusses sustainable management and biodiversity issues based on an ecosystem approach. This book has been written primarily to meet the needs of undergraduate and masters students taking courses in aquatic biology, aquatic ecology, resource management, environmental science, environmental management, water resource management and introductory courses in fisheries and aquaculture.

Dr Chris Frid is Senior Lecturer in Marine Ecology at the Dove Marine Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Dr Mike Dobson is Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology and Biogeography, in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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