Mastering the ACI
Dealing Certificate

A Practical Guide to the ACI
Education Level 1 Syllabus & Exam

By Phil Parker
September 2003
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-66107-8
432 pages + supplemental material, illustrated
$147.50 paper original

Technological developments, improvements in telecommunications, advances in the theoretical understanding of the financial markets, a greater need for personnel to be able to understand risk - all of these changes in the wholesale financial markets demand a greater level of understanding on the part of dealers and treasury managers. To meet these demands the levels of education and training have also needed to increase.

One way of achieving these objectives is to measure knowledge and skills through an examination process. The ACI Dealing Certificate is a foundation program that allows candidates to acquire the basic knowledge and skills utilized within the Foreign Exchange and Money Markets. This book will provide the information necessary to pass the examination, and to bring people up to speed with the current developments in the area.

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