Edexcel GCSE Modern World History:
Revision Guide, 2nd ed.


Edexcel GCSE Modern World History Revision Guide 2nd edition

By: Ben Walsh & Steve Waugh
October 2014
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781471831720
128 Pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Paper original


Achieve your best with this motivating revision guide packed with tips and opportunities to practise for the exam.

This guide meets the core requirements of the latest Edexcel specification. Written by expert author Ben Walsh, it not only includes helpful analysis, primary/secondary sources and review materials but also fosters active and effective revision to help you reach your highest potential.

- Review all the key content of the Edexcel course with just the right amount of detail.
- Keep on track with exam requirements with exam tips throughout.
- Complete tasks which enhance your understanding and revision methods.


Unit 1: Peace and War: International Relations, 1900-91
Chapter 1: Why did war break out in 1914? International rivalry, 1900-14
Chapter 2: The peace settlement: 1918-29
Chapter 3: Why did war break out in 1939? International relations, 1929-39
Chapter 4: How did the Cold War develop? 1943-56
Chapter 5: Three Cold War crises: Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia c. 1957-69
Chapter 6: Why did the Cold War end? The invasion of Afghanistan to the collapse of the Soviet Union, 1979-91

Unit 2: Modern World Depth Studies
Chapter 7: Germany, 1918-39
Chapter 8: Russia, 1917-39
Chapter 9: The USA, 1919-41

Unit 3: Modern World Source Enquiry
Chapter 10: War and the transformation of British society c. 1903-26
Chapter 11: War and the transformation of British society c. 1931-51
Chapter 12: A divided union? The USA, 1945-70