James I,
2nd edition

By S.J. Houston
August 1995
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582209110
160 pages
$36.50 Paper Original

Since publication in 1973 James I has established itself as one of the most popular short accounts of James I's reign. The First Edition was described by John Morrill as `a far better, shrewder, more incisive account of the reign' than the available competition Seventeenth-Century Britain, 1980. The text has now been entirely rewritten to take account of the latest historiography and students will continue to welcome this accessible analysis of the problems, weaknesses and achievements of James I as it enables them to participate in the revisionist arguments that make the study of this period so stimulating.

Part One: The Background: 1. James VI of Scotland

Part Two: Analysis - James I: 2. Finance: The Canker of Want, 3. Crown, Court, and Parliament, 4. Faction and Favorites, 5. The Jacobean Church, 6. Foreign Policy and the 1621 Parliament. 7. Foreign Policy and the 1624 Parliament

Part Three: Assessment: 8. A 'Most Just and Good King'

Part Four: Documents: Glossary, Bibliography, Index

Features * succinct analysis of the problems, weaknesses and achievements of James I * new edition reconsiders the King's Scottish background and his transition to the English throne * enables the reader to participate in the ongoing debates of this period of Stuart history

Review |
'Reflects how historians views of England's first Stuart king have been revised. The 1995 James is a far shrewder abler monarch than the 1973 James.'
Teaching History

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