Intermediate Microeconomics, 2nd edition
Theory & Applications

By Alan Griffiths & Stuart Wall
March 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582382262
744 pages, Illustrated
$97.50 Hardcover

The second edition has been fully updated and reworked, including an additional chapter on game theory. With its comprehensive coverage the book combines the theoretical rigour of an intermediate microeconomic text with extensive applications of the key principles to evidence and data drawn from the UK, Europe and other international sources.

3.Consumer behaviour and individual demand.
4.Risk, uncertainty and choice.
5.Production and costs.
6.Firm objectives and firm behavior.
7.Competitive markets.
10.Game theory.
11.Factor markets.
12.General equilibrium, economic efficiency and social welfare.
13.Externalities, public goods and market failures.
14.Regulation, deregulation and public policy. Answers to review questions.
Appendix 1: Mathematical foundations.
Appendix 2: Statistical foundations. Index.

Features " Combines theory with applications drawn from real life European business & public sector examples - UNIQUE. " Clear exposition of theory in a readable style. " A clear, diagrammatic approach is used in the analysis. " Excellent and numerous review questions with full answers provided at the back of the book. " Maths is kept to a minimum with a detailed Mathematical & Statistical Appendix for more numerate students. " Graded suggestions for further reading at end of each chapter. " Includes a chapter on game theory.

Comments on the first edition 'This is an excellent text. It is unique in the amount of applications and evidence which it contains.' University of Manchester 'This text builds well on the tradition of Applied Economics and is a welcome addition to the area of intermediate microeconomics.' University of Nottingham 'A breath of 'fresh air' to see an intermediate text combining theory with applications in this way.' Coventry Business School

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