GCSE History: The Schools History Project
The History of Medicine:
The American West 1840-95, Germany 1919-45

Studymates Series

By Mary Kinoulty
August 2002
Studymates Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84025-140-9
160 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$26.50 paperback

This revision guide is designed to support an increasingly popular option in GCSE history - The Schools History Project which incorporates the history of the American West, twentieth century German history, and the Second World War. This GCSE has a large and growing entry among the comprehensive schools but there is little suitable revision material yet available. This book meets that need. The clear Studymates approach will make it easy for pupils to access the body of knowledge involved, and gain an understanding of the key themes required for coursework and exams. Let Studymates help you win those higher grades.

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