Controlling the Regulator

By Julie Froud, et al.
October 1998
Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0333717155
232 pages
$132.50 hardcover

An authoritative study of attempts to deregulate and roll back the state in Britain from 1979-1997. Compliance cost assessment was the new tool used by the UK government to evaluate the likely impact of legislative proposals on business. The authors analyze the system and, using case studies, evaluate its performance as a technique of economic appraisal and as a way of controlling civil servants. Comparisons are made with the European Fiche d'impact and the American regulatory impact analysis. Given the considerable importance of CCA, and the dearth of literature on it, the book makes a significant contribution to the understanding of public policy-making.

List of Figures
List of Abbreviations
The Deregulation Initiative and Compliance Cost Assessment
Theoretical Justifications for Compliance Cost Assessment
CCA in Action
Assessing Regulatory Compliance Costs in the European Community
The Directive on the Landfill of Waste: Two Forms of Appraisal
Reviewing Environmental Protection Legislation
(De) Regulating for Workplace Consultation Rights
Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: the Relevance of CCA
Valuing the Froth on a Pint of Beer
Cost-Benefit Analysis: an Alternative Approach
Regulatory Impact Analysis in the USA

Author Biographies:
JULIE FROUD has worked at the University of Manchester since 1988, first as Research Associate and since 1996, as a lecturer in Accounting and Finance. Her research interests include public sector management, policy evaluation and the role of accounting in business and public policy. She has published in a wide range of major social science journals including Public Administration Accounting, Organisations and Society, Economy and Society Journal of Agricultural Economics and Capital and Class.

REBECCA BODEN is Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Sheffield University Management School. Following a PhD in Public Administration, she spent five years as an Inspector of Taxes in the Inland Revenue. She was then a Lecturer at the University of Manchester's Department of Accounting and Finance. Since 1990 she has researched and published widely in the area of the use of Accounting and Accounting-based techniques in British government.

ANTHONY OGUS has been Professor of Law at the University of Manchester since 1987, having previously held appointments at the Universities of Leicester (1967-69), Oxford (1969-78) and Newcastle upon Tyne (1978-87). He has published books on Damages, Social Security and Regulation. His main research interest is the economic analysis of law.

PETER STUBBS is Research Fellow, Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, Melbourne University, 1963-68. Successively Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor, Manchester University, since 1960. Dean of Economics Faculty 1985-87. Author of books on research and innovation; the Australian motor industry; shipping; transports economics; and company history. Also experience as consultant to industry in Britain and Australia.

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