Brilliant Excel VBA Programming

By Curtis Frye
October 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273771975
265 pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper original

Develop the Excel skills that you need to produce spreadsheet solutions to your business needs – instantly!

There are an estimated 400 million Excel users, but the majority of them haven’t worked out a way to effectively use Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

This book is for those that use Excel at work and who want to use the advanced features of Excel but don’t have the time to have extensive training. It takes you through each task (as all Brilliant books do) and describes everything you could want to find out, for example:

- how to use the macro recorder

- how to take that recorded code and turn it into something useful that will really help you day to day

- how to automate reports and design applications

Users will then improve their Excel skills so they can in the end save a lot of time and get more done.

Brilliantguides allow you to find the info you need quickly, easily and without fuss. It guides you through all the tasks using a highly visual, step-by-step approach – providing exactly what you need to know when you need it.



1 Recording and running macros

2 Starting with the Visual Basic Editor

3 Working with data and variables

4 Managing workbooks and files

5 Managing worksheets

6 Managing ranges

7 Managing cells

8 Formatting worksheets and worksheet elements

9 Sorting and filtering data

10 Managing charts

11 Using built-in functions and statements

12 Managing code ssing logical constructs

13 Debugging your VBA code

14 Using Excel events in your VBA code

15 Gathering data with UserForms


Troubleshooting guide


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