Better German
Achieving Fluency with Everyday Speech

By Christian Otto
November 2006
ISBN: 1842850784
208 pages, 5¼ x 8½"
$29.50 Paper Original

An aid for intermediate German readers seeking fluency. The language is broken into manageable segments, making the language easier to understand. Christian Otto offers guidance on: sentence building; word order; word choice; verb form and conjugation; reflexive verbs; and adverbs and adjectives.

Chapter 1. The Basics of Sentence Building
Chapter 2. Choosing the Right Form of the Verb
Chapter 3. Word Order
Chapter 4. Mastering Reflexive Verbs
Chapter 5. Verb and Stress
Chapter 6. Choosing the Right Noun - Finance, Business, Work
Chapter 7. Choosing the Right Noun - Educaiton, School, Career
Chapter 8. Choosing the Right Noun - Travelling
Chapter 9. Choosing the Right Pronoun
Chapter 10. Adverbs and Adjectives
Chapter 11. Choosing the Right Preposition
Chapter 12. Choosing the


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