Playing the Harmonica

By Dave Oliver
September 2008
Haldane Mason
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781905339273
64 pages, Illustrated.
$21.50 paper original

"Playing the Harmonica" is a great kit for older children, teens and adults. It contains a fully-illustrated 64-page book all about the harmonica plus a genuine 10-hole blues harmonica in the key of C.Using clear text and colourful, easy to follow illustrations, the book shows how to play the harmonica in a variety of styles from country and folk to blues and rock, and then gives 20 well-known tunes to get started on right away. Within minutes of opening the box, the child could be playing real music on their harmonica - one of the coolest and most versatile instruments around.

Once the basics have been mastered, the book goes on to give lots of tips and ideas for refining the sound and becoming a more advanced player.The book also includes sections on the history of the harmonica, on the different types of harmonica and on how to care for them. It also profiles some of the harmonica's greatest players - from blues masters such as Little Walter to classical and jazz maestros like Larry Adler and Toots Thielmans.

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