Mechanics & Materials, Waves & Particles
AS/A-Level Physics

By David Nuttall
April 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781444109092
100 pages
$13.95 Paper Original

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Table of Contents:
1 Fundamentals
2 Scalars and vectors
3 Vector calculations
4 Equations of motion
5 Dynamics
6 Conditions for equilibrium
7 Projectiles and free fall
8 Newton’s first law
9 Newton’s third law
10 Moments, torque and the principle of moments
11 Centre of gravity
12 Density
13 Pressure
14 Newton’s second law and momentum
15 Collisions and impulse
16 Work, energy and power
17 Archimedes’ principle and flotation
18 Drag and terminal velocity
19 Car safety
20 Law of conservation of energy
21 Energy from the environment I
22 Energy from the environment II
23 Background radiation and properties
24 Uses of radioisotopes
25 Isotopes and nuclear equations I
26 Isotopes and nuclear equations II
27 Random decay
28 Nuclear stability
29 Exponential decay and half-life I
30 Exponential decay and half-life II
31 Experiments with radioactivity I
32 Experiments with radioactivity II
Particle physics
33 Scattering experiments
34 Exchange particles
35 Nuclear forces
36 Composition of particles
37 Particles and anti-particles
38 Conservation laws in particle physics
39 Feynman diagrams
40 Electric charge
41 Conduction in solids, liquids and gases
42 Ohm’s law and IV curves
43 Drift velocity of electrons
44 Metals, semiconductors and insulators I
45 Metals, semiconductors and insulators II
46 Resistivity
47 Effect of temperature and light on resistance
48 Electrical power
49 Kirchhoff’s first and second laws
50 Ohm’s law for a complete circuit
51 Internal resistance I
52 Internal resistance II
53 Resistors in series and parallel I
54 Resistors in series and parallel II
55 Potential dividers
56 DC circuit theory I
57 DC circuit theory II
58 AC circuit theory I
59 AC circuit theory II
Solid materials
60 Hooke’s law and spring constant
61 Stress–strain curves and Young’s modulus I
62 Stress–strain curves and Young’s modulus II
63 Work done in stretching wires
64 Ductility and brittleness
65 Structure of materials
66 Work hardening and annealing
67 Polymer and rubber properties
68 Composite materials
69 Wave motion I
70 Wave motion II
71 Wave speed
72 Phase difference and path difference
73 Electromagnetic waves
74 Plane polarisation of waves I
75 Plane polarisation of waves II
76 Inverse square law I
77 Inverse square law II
78 Wavefronts I
79 Wavefronts II
80 Principle of superposition
81 Stationary (standing) waves I
82 Stationary (standing) waves II
83 Stationary (standing) waves III
84 Young’s slits experiment
85 Diffraction
86 Diffraction grating
87 Wave–particle duality
88 Photoelectric effect
89 Energy levels and line spectra
90 Reflection and refraction at a plane surface
91 Snell’s law and refractive index
92 Total internal reflection and critical angle
93 Refraction through lenses
94 Sums over paths: theory
95 Sum over paths: applications
96 Digital imaging
97 Analogue and digital signals
98 Signal spectra and bandwidth
Experimental method
99 Errors of observation and their treatment
100 Mathematical and graphical methods


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