Nell of the Seas

By Mark Scott
Illustrated by Ruth Bayley
March 2002
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-680-6
160 pages, illustrated
$37.50 hardcover

Nell lives on a small remote island called Ellenabeich alongside the stormy west coast of Scotland where the winds beat against the silver grey rocky shoreline. On the eve of her eighth birthday, Nell discovers that she has a remarkable gift: she can talk to Bodach na Mara, the Old Man of the Sea. Through his words and Gaelic legend she learns to trust her dreams and to always respect the sea. When Nell's father has to emigrate to Australia, the story follows Nell on her exciting journey across the ocean to her new home where she finds there is as much to love in the nature of Australia's habitats as there was in her old homeland. A classic story written for the children of the new millennium, Nell of the Seas is a magnificently illustrated book enriched with the traditions of Gaelic folklore. Nell is a captivating heroine and this book is one to treasure.

About the author:
Mark Scott wrote Nell of the Seas to support maritime conservation, to honour the RNLI and Britain's sea-heroine Grace Darling. Mark Scott is the nom de plume of an international journalist, broadcaster and lawyer. He has served on several tribunals and councils concerned with social equality. Married with one son, he lives in Scotland.

About the illustrator:
Ruth Bayley is an internationally respected illustrator who has worked as an advertising art director for national press and television. After a professional career in London and Manchester, Ruth now lives on the Scottish coast.

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