Transgenic Mammals

By John Bishop
April 1999
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582357306
304 pages
$87.50 Paper Original

This book deals with all the aspects of transgenic mammals, describing in general terms how they are made, the advantages and disadvantages of different methods and the applications and uses of transgenic mammals. The book is about concepts, not practice and contains no protocol or instructions.

Part 1 Introduction;
1. Overview;
2. Why Employ Transgenic Animals?

Part 2 Background;
3. Mouse Reproduction & Development;
4. Mouse Husbandry & Genetics;
5. Sex Determination;
6. Uniparental Gene Expression,
7. X-Inactivation & Methylation.

Part 3 Transgenic Mammals;
8. Making Transgenic Mammals;
9. Random DNA Integration;
10. DNA Integration by Homologous Recombination;
11. Expression of Transgenes;
12. Transgenic Livestock.
13. Glossary.

• There is no comparable text on transgenic mammals.
• The text is comprehensive and incorporates essential background.
• Contains explicit diagrams and a glossary.

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