GCSE Geography for WJEC A
Option Topics

By Andy Owen et al.
August 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340983751
138 pages, Illustrated
$42.50 Paper original

GCSE Geography for WJEC A Option Topics brings geography to life for students and covers all the optional human and physical units for this new specification. Each of these contemporary themes allows understanding to be developed to a greater depth:

Our Changing Coastline
Weather and Climate
Living Things
Retail and Urban Change
Economic Change and Wales

The content is explored through:

data research questions for each chapter to develop students’ decision-making skills
‘Geography Futures’ feature to encourage students to use their understanding of geographical processes and patterns to predict what might happen in the future
examination-style questions and exam tips written by the Senior Principal Examiner for the WJEC A Specification
activities to enable students to develop their geographical skills of enquiry, to analyse and interpret evidence
case studies of real places to illustrate concepts such as tropical storms and drought
GIS activities that explain how digital technology is used to store and retrieve geographical information.

GCSE Geography for WJEC A Option Topics accompanies GCSE Geography for WJEC A Core to provide students with a motivating and dynamic course for twenty-first century geography.

  • Endorsed by WJEC
  • Content checked and examination tips provided by a WJEC examiner
  • Covers all the optional units

  • Engaging writing and up-to-date, relevant content

Table of Contents:
A Physical Options
Theme 7 Our Changing Coastline
Theme 8 Weather and Climate
Theme 9 Living Things
B Human Options
Theme 10 Tourism
Theme 11 Retail and Urban Change
Theme 12 Economic Change and Wales

About the Author(s):
Andy Owen is an experienced teacher and expert author. He acted as a consultant to the WJEC and has been involved in the latest revisions of both their specifications. He is currently Subject Officer for WJEC GCSE Geography specifications.
Cathie Brooks is a former Assistant Secretary at WJEC, whose responsibilities included the GCSE Geography A Specification.
Andy Leeder is a senior examiner and Principal Moderator for Controlled Assessment for the WJEC B Specification.
Glyn Owen is Head of Geography at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Wrexham and Principal Examiner for the WJEC A Specification.
Dirk Sykes is Principal Examiner for the WJEC A Specification.


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