Edexcel Spanish Grammar for A Level

By Phil Turk & Mike Zollo
April 2008
Hodder Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340968543
309 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/8"
$62.50 Paper Original

Edexcel Spanish Grammar for A Level is the comprehensive grammar reference textbook of choice for students studying for A level. Edexcel Spanish Grammar for A Level takes a contemporary approach to language and gives plenty of practice with graded reinforcement exercises. Our contents grid aligns to the latest Edexcel GCE A Level specification, highlighting the language and grammatical structures you need for the AS and A2 exam.

Each chapter covers a specific grammatical point and is divided into three sections:
• Mecanismos provides clear explanations in English with examples in Spanish.
• ¡Ponte a punto! Includes graded reinforcement exercises to practice what has been explained, with a self-check answer key.
• ¡... Y en marcha! offers a range of open-ended communicative activities to encourage and develop the creative use of language using the grammar points covered.

Table of Contents:

1 Grammar - what is it?
2 Nouns and articles
3 Adjectives
4 Adverbs
5 Comparative of adjectives and adverbs
6 Superlative of adjectives and adverbs
7 Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
8 Possessive adjectives and pronouns
9 Numerals
10 Measures and dimensions
11 Times, dates, weather and tener expressions
12 Pronouns
13 Infinitives
14 Present tense
15 Radical-changing verbs
16 Reflexive verbs
17 Future tense
18 Conditional tense
19 Imperfect tense
20 Continuous tenses
21 Preterite tense
22 Preterite and imperfect tenses together
23 Perfect tense
24 Pluperfect and other compound tenses with haber
25 Modal auxiliaries: 'must', 'ought', 'should', 'can', 'could'
26 Gustar and other 'back-to-front' verbs
27 Prepositions and the infinitive
28 Participles and gerunds
29 Imperatives
30 Ser and estar
31 The passive and its avoidance
32 Tenses of the subjunctive
33 Subjunctive: influence, emotion and judgement
34 Subjunctive: doubt, disbelief and possibilty
35 Subjunctive: futurity, purpose and other expressions
36 Subjunctive: indefinite and negative antecedents
37 Other uses of the subjunctive
38 'If...' clauses
39 Negatives
40 Prepositions
41 The personal a
42 Para and por
43 How long for?
44 Relative pronouns and adjectives
45 Interrogatives and exclamations
46 Direct and indirect speech
47 Some special suffixes
48 Spanish spelling and pronunciation
49 An introduction to Spanish vocabulary
50 To put it another way
Key to the ¡Ponte a punto! exercises
Verb table

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